Find out how old you are:

Birthdays highlight Important Milestones in our lives. When we turn 5, we can go to Kindergarten. When we turn 10, we Jump for Joy because we're no longer in the single digits. 13 is the year we become Teenagers.

18 is the year we become Adults. We can Legally sign contracts, and we can work Full time with no restrictions.

21 means we can Drink, and 25 means we get Discounts on auto insurance, can rent a car without a Cosigner and have officially become Adults in the eyes of everyone around us. We also tend to remember when we turn 30. It's the end of our youth. After that, we stop paying attention. There are no more milestones until retirement.

Inevitably, Somewhere between 30 and 67, Someone asks us how old we are. The question is met with a blank stare. How Old am I? You Frantically think. I was 30 a while back, but I think that was last year ... What year is it? Mentally, you work some math, but you're still not sure that's correct.

That's where www.MYYRS.com comes in ... Forgot how old you are? No problem. Just plug in the Month, Day and Year of your birth and find out exactly how old you are. It's Easy and Fun :)

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